Give yourself a boost - spring promotion

It's spring! Time for new, fresh, energy. Give your game room, your home office and yourself a boost with the powerbank that you receive as a gift with the purchase of £ 25 in Trust products.

How to participate?

If you buy £ 25 or more worth of Trust products in the period from 12-04-2021 to 24-05-2021, you will receive a powerbank in a color of your choice.* To claim your gift, register via this website and upload your proof of purchase.

* As long as the color is available. If the preferred color becomes out of stock, you will receive the powerbank in black.

Action period and promotion conditions

  • Your Trust product(s) must have been bought between 12-04-2021 and 24-05-2021 23:59.
  • You can register your purchase up until 31-05-2021.
  • After the promotion period, the powerbank will be sent to the specified address.
  • Keep the proof of purchase until 14-06-2021, it may be asked to rule out fraud.

Also see the full promotion conditions for more information

To participate, have the following ready

To make your registration process as smooth as possible, we ask you to keep the following things ready.

  • Your proof of purchase in a digital form. Based on this proof of purchase on which the Trust products must be clearly visible, we will check whether you can participate in this promotion.
  • Make sure you have made the purchase within the promotional period.

Purchase registration

Complete all fields in the form to participate in this promotion. If your registration is successful you will receive an automatic confirmation within a few minutes. If you have not received this email, check your spam box. If you have any further questions, first consult the frequently asked questions section.

Proof of purchase

The Purchase date must be between 12-04-2021 and 24-05-2021.
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Personal information

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Frequently asked questions

When you buy more than 25 pounds worth of Trust products, you will receive a free Powerbank. Please register via the promotion site: www.trustpromotions.com

Trust will give a free powerbank (3 different colours, blue (23860), teal (23861) and black (23596)) to everyone in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Finland and other participating markets who buys 25 pounds worth of Trust products through one of Trust’s sales partners. The colours Blue and Teal have a limited stock, if we are out of stock you will receive a black colour, first come, first serve.

By registering via the trust promotion site. In addition to a valid proof of purchase for more than 25 pounds worth of Trust products during the promotional period, we will ask for your name, address, e-mail address and sales channel.

You may participate every time you buy over 25 pounds worth of Trust products but only with a different invoice. The maximum number of times you may participate is three.

The promotion runs from 12th of April until the 24th of May inclusive. Your purchase must have been made during that period. You have up to and including 31th of May 2021 to register for the promotion.

Once the promotional period has ended, the powerbanks will be sent to the addresses entered during the registration process from 31th of May onwards.

That is correct. Once the promotional period has ended and everyone has had the opportunity to register, we will send you your powerbank. You can expect to receive your powerbank within 4 weeks after the registration process has ended on the 31th of May 2021.

You only qualify if your proof of purchase falls within the promotional period that is up to 24th of May 2021. You do, however, have another week in which to register (up to and including 31th of May 2021).

The promotion applies to Trust products for all sales partners of Trust in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland and Finland. Products purchased through eBay and Marktplaats, as well as second-hand or refurbished products, are excluded from the promotion.

If you have purchased a Trust product worth more than 25 pounds, you may of course participate.

If you have purchased Trust products several times during the promotional period and the overall cost is 25 pounds or more, please upload all proofs of purchase when registering. Each proof of purchase may only be uploaded once.

Yes. To prevent fraud, we may ask to see your proof of purchase again as part of a random check.

No. You may only participate with a proof of purchase listing the Trust products you have purchased.

No. You must upload the actual proof of purchase for your order.

Whether or not a receipt was given lies outside of Trust’s area of responsibility (see the promotional terms and conditions). It is up to you and the store whether or not a proof of purchase can be provided.

Yes, of course. You may participate and register even if you have purchased more than 25 pounds worth of Trust products online.

Yes. If you have bought 24.99 pounds worth of Trust products, that is insufficient to qualify for the promotion. The total needs to be 25 pounds or more.

A proof of purchase can always be obtained via the webshop where you bought your Trust products. This can be uploaded when you register.

The promotional terms and conditions for this promotion can be found at www.trustpromotions.com or requested at the retailer/etailer where you purchased your Trust products.

If you have indicated that you do not wish to be kept informed about Trust International by e-mail, we will destroy your data after approximately two months (i.e. before 1 Aug 2021).

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